Welcome, bugs. 

Welcome to the land of the Muscle Giants. Make sure you drop your tribute and show the appropriate respect. 

Muscle Giant in boots


Terror in the city – 3 Mega giants stomping

GSG recruited a mad scientist capable of producing growth serum which would enable mega growth in a matter of minutes. Iron Muscles will provide the strength and the scientist will bake in his knowledge so that the final result will lead to towering giant over the city. All 3 drink the growth potion and after they’ve become large and more powerful than ever, they start crushing, stomping and destroying the city to the ground.


Horny Giant and the plane

Nothing compares to a puny plane rubbing on the massive rod, when feeling super horny. You can tell it was really fun to fuck it by the huge load I dumped on it.


Giant Businessman (part4): Duo Giant rampage

After destroying 3 cities, the mighty giant receives the visit of a giant friend and together they start rampaging through the tiny city and getting full on tiny protein.

Giant Stomping (part2)

Giant Clark continues his rampage and the tiny world discovers in fear that he cannot be stopped. He loves to crush houses with his bare hands and to eat its contents to grow his muscles. Running away is never an option as he will always catch up with you.

Giant Master cums on tinies

Giant Master finds his tiny mignons jerking off to his sneakers and jocks. He gets his feet, nipples and cock&balls worshipped until the covers them with godly cum.

Jockstrap tinies

Had an amazing workout with 3 tiny bugs riding my jockstrap today. Such a hot sensation when they were worshipping while I was getting sweaty and pumping up. This got so horny that I decide to give them a special cock ride until my giant cock covered them in super hot protein. Now time to make me grow bigger, bugs! Down you go!.

Unaware Stomping (VFX)

Getting ready to hit the gym but as I prepare my gym bag, I start hearing some strange noises as if tiny bugs were lurking around the room. The other thing was my upset stomach which made me fart like crazy: ugly, long and smelly farts. As I step around, I keep feeling tiny bumps on my soles but barely noticeable..Who knows what that might be?? A few hard farts and belches later, I have my bag ready and I put my socks on. Only then did I notice some tiny red spots but they were easily removed. It’s def not something to even take into consideration!

Good Giant – Bad Giant

Alex is leading the way to the place where he grows his tiny protein and I am speechless! Amazing idea: grow your own muscle protein and this way you will be forever growing bigger in the gym. Now, I get carried away with the eating and I soon realise that I can have the power of life and death over those puny, tiny things they call blocks and houses. I could crush and stomp and destroy them any time with just one foot stomp! Pity that Alex doesn’t share my idea of fun and does his best to protect them, saying he’ll need them in the future as well. Who cares about that?? I’m pretty sure there are plenty other more places where you could grab a lot of tiny protein! 

  I think that Alex will do just fine as a tiny! Therefore, it’s time for me to use my secret sonic weapon and just reduce him to the size of those bugs he’s protecting.