Welcome, bugs. 

Welcome to the land of the Muscle Giants. Make sure you drop your tribute and show the appropriate respect. 

2 Ancient Giants crushing the new world

2 ancient giants wake up from their deep slumber only to find out their world has changed a lot: metal carts, stacked up buildings and strange noises they never encountered before. But nothing can stand in their mighty feet and they soon discover how tasty the new people are and how fun it is to crush the “big “buildings”.


Hungry Muscle Giant feeds in the tiny city

Super Massive muscle giant is in need of protein and uses the tiny city to scoop up all the nutrients needed for his muscles to grow ever larger. This is the hottest and most massive giant to ever walk onto the tiny land!


Huge Muscle Giant sleeping

Super Massive muscle giant is deep in his slumber. The tiny has taken his chances and decided to explore more. Will the giant sniff him and make him his meal or the tiny gets to live another day?


Tiny exploring the giant muscles

This tiny explores the nude body of an amazing giant colossus, climbing mountains of muscles, hoping to see all this giant has to offer..will he make it alive?



2 tinies take the chances in once in a lifetime adventure: climbing and exploring a giant in his sleep. Everything went fine until they the giant moved in his sleep, trapping one of them under the huge body. But the other, kept pushing for his journey to the giant’s mouth..

Giant sleeping

Massive colossus Andy receives the visit of a tiny during his deep slumber. It takes a bit of determination to climb such mountains of quads and glutes! However, one must be careful around the mouth as it’s known that these giants tend to feed in their sleep..

Double Butt Crush and Vore

2 giants are having fun with 2 tinies they found wandering on their table: lots of double butt crush, crotch crush and in the end, swallowing them whole. What a way to go down! They did put up a fight in the stomach but it was all too late!


Fallen Superheroes

I’m a super villain in my lair, 3 dead muscular superheroes are laying at my feet. No one can stop me now. I will turn them into evil beasts, one by one, to take over the world. I give them a powerful blast of dark energy, turning them into beasts with special powers: fire, ice and electricity. At the end of the video, I tell them it’s now time to launch an attack. We all laugh in loudest and most evil kind of way.

Clark Growing and Stomping

Clark drinks a growth potion and grows out of his clothes then starts to stomp around buildings and cars. His massive soles look so hot destroying those tiny cars! He even grabs a block of flats with his teeth, making it collapse.

Vore Feast: 3 giants eating

3 muscle giants are having a vore feast with chocolate and biscuit cookies and a plate full of tinies. Enjoy the views of those hungry deep mouths as they accommodate unthinkable amounts of sweets and tinies. In the end, they wash it down with a pint of protein shake. Breakfast of champions indeed!

Giant Stomping (part2)

Giant Clark continues his rampage and the tiny world discovers in fear that he cannot be stopped. He loves to crush houses with his bare hands and to eat its contents to grow his muscles. Running away is never an option as he will always catch up with you.

Giant Businessman (part4): Duo Giant rampage

After destroying 3 cities, the mighty giant receives the visit of a giant friend and together they start rampaging through the tiny city and getting full on tiny protein.

Giant Stomping (part1)

Giant Clark discovers a tiny village and he stars stomping the pathetic houses and people with his mighty feet. The whole process makes him hungry so he obviously feasts on some tiny protein before setting his eyes on a bunch of tinies, trying to flee the stomping.

Giant Master cums on tinies

Giant Master finds his tiny mignons jerking off to his sneakers and jocks. He gets his feet, nipples and cock&balls worshipped until the covers them with godly cum.

Jockstrap tinies

Had an amazing workout with 3 tiny bugs riding my jockstrap today. Such a hot sensation when they were worshipping while I was getting sweaty and pumping up. This got so horny that I decide to give them a special cock ride until my giant cock covered them in super hot protein. Now time to make me grow bigger, bugs! Down you go!.

Giant Businessman (part3): Bare feet rampage

After destroying 2 cities, the mighty giant strips down to his workout gear and runs a devastating rampage through the last tiny city he finds in his path, This time he’s crushing the buildings with his bare feet, ripping them apart, pumping his mighty biceps with them and turning them into rubble with his huge hands.

Giant Businessman – Part2

All the crushing and destroying really got me feeling better, today. It’s so sweet to see those building falling like they’re nothing, the buses and cars popping under my soles and all the tiny people running scared..as if that would help them in any way. I wonder how many buildings I’ll manage to crush this time..

Giant Businessman – Part1

Fresh out of work, with so much on my mind, I lost my way home. I end up near this strange looking place, with tiny buildings and tiny people..Since I need to get back home, I stop to ask for directions. But what follows takes a strange twist…

Hot Giant Uvula

My giant uvula is such an irresistible attraction to you, bugs. It has the capacity to hypnotise you while you’re walking right into my mouth. Enjoy seeing it up close, while I digest the latest meal. Maybe you’ll get the chance to give it a big, big, hug on your way down. Careful, not to slip on that wet, full of spit, giant pink tongue.

GSG: Galactic Lunch – Part 1

After the Mega Growth spurt that saw me growing bigger than the planet Earth, I get really hungry again and decide to drink the hot lava under the Earth’s crust. The Earth turns pale and I get to grow so huge that Earth looks like a golf ball compared to me. But all that lava got me really gassy so I must do something about it. Here comes Venus, that will be my pills for the stomach: down you go, puny planet! It did look amazing on my tongue, though!

Tinies at my feet

As I was feeling so horny today, I thought to check out that tiny city that my friend told me about. It seems that it’s populated by tiny beings who can be crushed with just one stomp! But today I just need to have my feet/toes worshipped and blow a huge load all over them. Come on, bugs, show my feet the appreciation they need! This whole thing really got me going, I’ll just uproot that tall building over there and blow my load all over it.

Unaware Stomping (VFX)

Getting ready to hit the gym but as I prepare my gym bag, I start hearing some strange noises as if tiny bugs were lurking around the room. The other thing was my upset stomach which made me fart like crazy: ugly, long and smelly farts. As I step around, I keep feeling tiny bumps on my soles but barely noticeable..Who knows what that might be?? A few hard farts and belches later, I have my bag ready and I put my socks on. Only then did I notice some tiny red spots but they were easily removed. It’s def not something to even take into consideration!

Bed time Tiny protein

My friend Clark seems to have a special secret when it comes to growing big: tiny protein (well primed before, by keeping it on his briefs) that he swallows before going to bed, thus keeping him well fed during the night. After gobbling down a couple of them, I can see why he’s so fond of them: they are so sweet and they put up a flight and they scream/beg when swallowed down the big belly. It’s lovely to hear them going down on Clark’s stomach and hear them being churned down by the powerful juices inside. Not before long, we each start releasing powerful belches as the tinies get slowly digested by our giant guts.

Good Giant – Bad Giant

Alex is leading the way to the place where he grows his tiny protein and I am speechless! Amazing idea: grow your own muscle protein and this way you will be forever growing bigger in the gym. Now, I get carried away with the eating and I soon realise that I can have the power of life and death over those puny, tiny things they call blocks and houses. I could crush and stomp and destroy them any time with just one foot stomp! Pity that Alex doesn’t share my idea of fun and does his best to protect them, saying he’ll need them in the future as well. Who cares about that?? I’m pretty sure there are plenty other more places where you could grab a lot of tiny protein! 

  I think that Alex will do just fine as a tiny! Therefore, it’s time for me to use my secret sonic weapon and just reduce him to the size of those bugs he’s protecting.

Gassy Pumping up

Pumping up biceps with a gassy gut can lead to all sort of troubles! Especially losing height/size if you stay too close! It happened to my buddy, I kid you not. If you don’t believe me, take a look. Careful, it might happen to you too. And you’ll end up in my sock, as well!

Santa In Bug Town

It’s that time of the year when Santa drops by for a visit. His bag of goodies is full and he’s ready to give you a smooth ride down his belly for the perfect Christmas! And if you’ve been naughty, you’ll be stomped and crushed under his mighty boots. We all know the boots are heavy and the feet get tired..So they must receive lots of attention to relax. And so does the big bulge..And before you know it, Santa unloads his sack full of goodies onto the lucky bugs. What a happy Christmas for everyone! *Note: The video features audio FX (buildings crushed, cars destroyed, stomps and more) and tinies have been voiced over for an immersive experience.

Tiny Muscle Fuel

My buddy Alex seems to have a secret protein for building muscle mass very fast. It was odd at first to see that tiny speck but after ingesting it and seeing the amazing results I got in mere minutes, I am determined to get more of it. Off we go to the city where the tiny proteins live!

Mega Growth

Mega growth potion gets me so huge that stomping roads feels like it’s a mere child’s play, fields with crops get burned by my smelly feet and entire buildings get crushed my a single push of a foot. You better run, bugs!

Empire State Building

Work can be quite boring so after work I stopped by the Empire State Building and uprooted it for a little fun time.Who can argue that this building is not the perfect toy for a giant? This got be quite hot and I end up giving it a hard fuck then blow my load all over it. 


He has to witness how the serial shrinker uses the ray on the guy sitting on the floor. Then it’s his turn to be reduced to 2inches in height! They all are placed into a lunch box then taken one by one and dropped down the huge and hungry mouth of this mad man. But they are so sweet and they make an amazing lunch! Nothing wrong with that, right? After lunch, the belly is full and digestive burps emerge in full power.

Cosmic Size Giant

A full VFX video where I’m a villain who defeated the hero and extracts his strength to inject himself with the power serum, thus growing huge – first, the mountains barely go up to my knees, then growing so large that I’m on top of the world. But I won’t be stopping here and keep growing until the Earth can be taken into my hands and played with – a cosmic sized giant. All this time you can hear that devilish laughter that super villains make when they have it their way. All those steps I take are like booming noises to the mere mortals and my stature is casting a shadow so huge that frightens everyone on the puny Earth.So intimidating yet so amazing!