Custom Videos

Bug, do you want a giant to play out your fantasies for you?
You wish so much to be gobbled down a giant gullet, crushed under a giant butt or be humiliated by the giant feet?
You came to the right place, bug.
Custom videos range between $5 to $10 per minute. 
Giants currently available for custom videos: GiantSteelGod, Alex, Clark.
Don’t be afraid to dive into details, we just love those!
Now shoot that message to the giant’s inbox.

Oh, before forgetting…
We have a puny runt helper somewhere on the ground and he is great with Photoshop. He provides us stunning montages of our superb epicness, so why don’t you contact and commission him your custom macro themed montage?
Hurry up, we could squash him unaware under our soles at any moment!

Here his Patreon page: