Cock: 7.5 in / 19 cm
Feet size: 9 US / 42 EU
My biggest turn on is: Domination and showing off my huge size.

Favourite Fantasy Height: 300 ft / 90meters
As Giant I am: Evil or dominating
My biggest turn on as giant is: Have the entire planet at my feet

What I’m into: Feet, Crush, Unaware, Vore, Domination, Destruction
and what I’m NOT into: Not growing bigger every week.

I can be laid back if I get my weekly dose of tiny protein. I love being worshipped and I stomp flat cities just for fun.

Unaware stomping

Alex is talking on the phone with his buddy, casually walking around the room. He barely notices that he’s stomping flat lots of tinies on the floor. They try to draw his attention, they are simply too small and insignificant to his giant size. Then he takes a seat on the new chair and he finds it very soft and accommodating. Could it because of those tinies he just butt crushed flat? We’ll never find out…

Tiny Muscle Fuel

My buddy Alex seems to have a secret protein for building muscle mass very fast. It was odd at first to see that tiny speck but after ingesting it and seeing the amazing results I got in mere minutes, I am determined to get more of it. Off we go to the city where the tiny proteins live!

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Giant Alphas
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