Clark Kent

Age: 24
Cock: 8 in / 20 cm
Feet size: 10 ½ US / 45 EU
My biggest turn on is: Grow ever bigger.

Favourite Fantasy Height: 1000 ft / 300 meters
As Giant I am: Evil/Gentle/Careless
My biggest turn on as giant is: eat as many tinies and grow real huge. Tiny meat is the best muscle builder ever!
What I’m into: Feet, Crush, Unaware, Vore, Domination,
and what I’m NOT into: Being ignored

Gentle giant most of the times, I enjoy having my feet and body worshipped. Keep my belly full and you’ll have me happy. Get me hungry and your city will perish under my giant feet.

Giant eating and stomping

Hungry Giant Clark visits the tiny city, where he starts eating water melons, the people from the tiny houses then he begins crushing them one by one with his powerful fists. Such fun time for Clark!

Giant crushing and eating tinies

2 amazing giants trample for fun 2 tinies, in their path to a new city to destroy. The bugs looks so pathetic close to the mighty soles and one toe on top of them is enough to annihilate them. However, the gods have different plans with any source of protein is good to feed their ever hungry bellies!

Tiny soap

Friendly Giant Clark takes his tiny friend in the shower, using him to soap up his massive muscles and to clean up the hard to reach places. The tiny soap even took a ride on that massive giant cock! What a friend to have! Isn’t this the luckiest bug in the world?

Giant Breakfast

Giant Clark loves to gulp down enormous bites of eggs..The massive mouth opens up then belly gets full. Entire cities of tinies have disappeared before into the hungry mouth of his..Now it’s your turn!

Sleeping Giant

Clark receives a visit from a super curious tiny during the night time. Was it courage or just curiosity that brought this little guy so close to danger? We all know what happens when the giant makes sudden moves: tinies get crushed! But the sight is well worth the risks: huge soles, mountainous bulge, massive tree trunks legs, hot arm pits and a sensual sweet mouth. Will our guy make it alive or end up as a night time snack?

Giant Stomping (part1)

Giant Clark discovers a tiny village and he stars stomping the pathetic houses and people with his mighty feet. The whole process makes him hungry so he obviously feasts on some tiny protein before setting his eyes on a bunch of tinies, trying to flee the stomping.

Bed time Tiny protein

Clark seems to have a special secret when it comes to growing big: tiny protein (well primed before, by keeping it on his briefs) that he swallows before going to bed, thus keeping him well fed during the night. After gobbling down a couple of them, I can see why he’s so fond of them: they are so sweet and they put up a flight and they scream/beg when swallowed down the big belly. It’s lovely to hear them going down on Clark’s stomach and hear them being churned down by the powerful juices inside. Clark seems to love the way they scream while reaching the bottom of my giant gut, too. Not before long, we each start releasing powerful belches as the tinies get slowly digested by our giant guts.

Join my plate

Join Clark’s plate of food in this delicious new video. Enjoy seeing those snacks getting crushed by the powerful white teeth and the tinies being swallowed one by one by this hungry muscle giant.

Ticklish tiny

As we were relaxing before going to bed, something felt ticklish in my underwear. what do you know?? It was a tiny little dude, lurking in my undies, sporting a tiny little hard cock! The nerve on this guy! Since he was so keen to see more of me, why not give him just that? So we begin to tickle him hard on the weak spot (almost making him cum), rub him on the biceps, on our arm pits and them crush him between our huge chests. That really did it, by the look of his wet pants. However, we decide to push this game further and have him worship our toes and tired feet. He definitely enjoyed the double foot job he’s got, not to mention licking our sweaty toes one by one. After we’ve had our fun with him, I decide to put him back into my giant crotch and let him season a lil bit until tomorrow. Then we’ll start all over again!

Giant Destruction

Clark is finally having his revenge: the boss is shrunk down along with the house and car. Clark loves to toy with the bug a little bit before showing off his true power: crushing the boss’ house between his mighty fingers then turning the car into crumbs. He could’ve crushed the boss under his soles but he chooses to give him a last purpose: to become protein for the mighty muscles.In the end, everything is washed down with a good beer, making the digestion even better.

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