Iron Muscles

Age: 29 Cock: 7.5 in / 18 cm Feet size: 9 ½ US / 43 EU My biggest turn on is: Eating an entire city in one sitting Favourite Fantasy Height: 9000 ft / 2700 meters As Giant I am: Careless My biggest turn on as giant is: Find the juiciest protein city and eat a million of those bugs once. What I’m into: Crush, Vore, Domination, Destruction. and what I’m NOT into: Being hungry. Bio: I love how tiny meat makes me grow bigger than any other protein I’ve ever had before!

Mighty Giant sleeping

The giant is asleep, on his back with his legs spread apart. The tiny gets in and has the chance to explore it all. Such belly must accommodate a lot of tiny meat, right? And those powerful meaty pecs worth a climb. Even if it’s the last thing he’s done.(natural snoring included)


Hungry Muscle Giant feeds in the tiny city

Super Massive muscle giant is in need of protein and uses the tiny city to scoop up all the nutrients needed for his muscles to grow ever larger. This is the hottest and most massive giant to ever walk onto the tiny land!