Cock: 8 in / 20 cm
Feet size: 10 US / 44 EU
My biggest turn on is:Eating weak guys to grow bigger

Favourite Fantasy Height: 100 ft / 30 meters
As Giant I am: Evil or dominating
My biggest turn on as giant is: shrink everyone and turn them into protein then feed off of it.

What I’m into: Feet, Crush, Unaware, Vore, Domination, Destruction
and what I’m NOT into: People who don’t understand that I’m the boss.

Assertive and dominant. Dedicated to growth – you look so tasty down there!

Jake and GSG stomping the city

Jake and GiantSteelGod have a good time crushing and stomping through the tiny city. Jake is super excited about the prospect of free protein.


Giant Jake Sleeping

Giant Jake taking a nap while the bugs explore the huge n massive giant at ease


Giant Jake eats you

Jake comes home from the gym only to find in his gym shorts 2 tiny bugs. He shows them why they did the worse mistake ever by choosing his crotch as hiding place: crushes them with him huge biceps, between his massive pecs then eats them one by one, not before teasing the hell out of them. But something’s growing in his belly right after he’s swallowed them both..Are they getting bigger in his massive belly?