Terror in the city – 3 Mega giants stomping

GSG recruited a mad scientist capable of producing growth serum which would enable mega growth in a matter of minutes. Iron Muscles will provide the strength and the scientist will bake in his knowledge so that the final result will lead to towering giant over the city. All 3 drink the growth potion and after they’ve become large and more powerful than ever, they start crushing, stomping and destroying the city to the ground.


Giant Businessman (part4): Duo Giant rampage

After destroying 3 cities, the mighty giant receives the visit of a giant friend and together they start rampaging through the tiny city and getting full on tiny protein.


Giant Businessman (part3): Bare feet rampage

After destroying 2 cities, the mighty giant strips down to his workout gear and runs a devastating rampage through the last tiny city he finds in his path, This time he’s crushing the buildings with his bare feet, ripping them apart, pumping his mighty biceps with them and turning them into rubble with his huge hands.

Mega Growth

Mega growth potion gets me so huge that stomping roads feels like it’s a mere child’s play, fields with crops get burned by my smelly feet and entire buildings get crushed my a single push of a foot. You better run, bugs!

Giant Businessman – Part2

All the crushing and destroying really got me feeling better, today. It’s so sweet to see those building falling like they’re nothing, the buses and cars popping under my soles and all the tiny people running if that would help them in any way. I wonder how many buildings I’ll manage to crush this time..

Giant Businessman – Part1

Fresh out of work, with so much on my mind, I lost my way home. I end up near this strange looking place, with tiny buildings and tiny people..Since I need to get back home, I stop to ask for directions. But what follows takes a strange twist…

Good Giant – Bad Giant

Alex is leading the way to the place where he grows his tiny protein and I am speechless! Amazing idea: grow your own muscle protein and this way you will be forever growing bigger in the gym. Now, I get carried away with the eating and I soon realise that I can have the power of life and death over those puny, tiny things they call blocks and houses. I could crush and stomp and destroy them any time with just one foot stomp! Pity that Alex doesn’t share my idea of fun and does his best to protect them, saying he’ll need them in the future as well. Who cares about that?? I’m pretty sure there are plenty other more places where you could grab a lot of tiny protein! 

  I think that Alex will do just fine as a tiny! Therefore, it’s time for me to use my secret sonic weapon and just reduce him to the size of those bugs he’s protecting.


It’s that time of the year when Santa drops by for a visit. His bag of goodies is full and he’s ready to give you a smooth ride down his belly for the perfect Christmas! And if you’ve been naughty, you’ll be stomped and crushed under his mighty boots. We all know the boots are heavy and the feet get tired..So they must receive lots of attention to relax. And so does the big bulge..And before you know it, Santa unloads his sack full of goodies onto the lucky bugs. What a happy Christmas for everyone! *Note: The video features audio FX (buildings crushed, cars destroyed, stomps and more) and tinies have been voiced over for an immersive experience.

Terror in the city

There’s no better way to have my revenge on this annoying city than to grow HUGE and stomp and crush it into tiny little pieces. My growth potion will help me achieve that in no time! Ah, look at me how amazingly huge I got! I love my new size! I’ll destroy this puny city with my huge feet and I’ll uproot all the office buildings around. Just because I can! In the end, there will be only my giant statue left standing as everything will be turned into ashes.

2 giants stomping the city (with Audio Fx)


Mega Titan (part2) – City Crushed


Mega Titan (part4) – Destroying an entire city


Mega Titan (part5) – Fucking the entire planet