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Cosmic size Giant – Taking over the world

A full VFX video where I'm a villain who defeated the hero and extracts his strength to inject himself with the power serum, thus growing huge - first, the mountains barely go up to my knees, then growing so large that I'm on top of the world. But I won't be stopping here and keep growing until the Earth can be taken into my hands and played with - a cosmic sized giant. All this time you can hear that devilish laughter that super villains make when they have it their way. All those steps ... More


This is just a warning for all those little pricks who think they can challenge my status and size: you will be crushed, reduced to little dirt on the giant sole then whatever is left out of you will be washed off on the giant sneakers' sole. That's it! Your little pathetic life will be forever gone and I could care less. One fk bug less in this world. Video length: 21min Video size: $21.99 Enjoy it More